Processing sites and units:

Описание картинки

Currently ReSeM is a production entity that consists of following activity lines and production sites:

Outdoor advertising line

Metal works and welding site is completed with metal works and welding equipment designated for welding and processing of structures of any types, from simple pipe metal frames to complex advertisement installations made for roofs of the buildings. 4 stations including KEMPPI Argon Arc Welding station on the site.

Milling site is equipped with CNC controlled 3 interpolating axis router Precix (working area 2000 x 3000 x 150 mm) for any kind of sheet materials (plastics, aluminum alloys and composite panels, brass, resin glass, wood, MDF, plywood, foam boards).

Assembly site is a modeling and assembly area for works with PVC plastics, composite materials panels, acryl, aluminum profiles, meant for production of light boxes and other outdoor advertisement structures.

Powder coating site has tunnel sputtering and polymerization chambers with volumetric capacity of 4000 x 2000 x 2000 mm, and sputtering equipment NORDSON CORPORATION, ELSTAR.

Full color printing shop is equipped with full color wide format printer MIMAKI JV-33-160 (1.6 m wide, 720-1440 dpi) that delivers printing on any types of roll materials, equipment for automatic welding and post -print treatment LEISTER, robotic laminating machine EXCELAM 1600 mm.

Retail equipment and fixtures production line

Sawing and edgebanding shops are equipped with:
- CNC machining center HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7123 (Austria) with 3 interpolating axis and machining XYZ working area dimensions 3866х1650х325мм. For processing MDF, laminated chip boards and other materials.
- Altendorf f45 sliding table saws which can cut various sheet materials sized up to 4000 x 2000 mm, and 2 edge banders with automatic line with 2 different radii.

Adhesion site allows to conduct the applying of veneer, decorative and paper-based plastic laminates onto chip boards, plywood, MDF and other surfaces.

Paint site allows to conduct varnish painting of any articles made from MDF, plywood, laminated chip boards, and other materials, sized up to 2000х2000х1500 мм, used in production of retail equipment and furniture.

Retail equipment assembling site is equipped with necessary tools allowing the assembly of articles made from laminated chip boards, plywood and MDF. Besides allowing the production of conventional framework structures, the shop gives the opportunity to make the structures made from metal profiles modular systems (JOKER, UNO, TRITIX and other), as well as the frameworks made from aluminum profiles such as EUROSHOP, DUKO, and based on wire systems ARMSTRONG, MEGA 3000, SPINO, INFO and others.

Installation of fabricated articles

Assembly site consists of mobilized crews that are meant for installation of fabricated structures outdoor and inside of commercial areas. Third party contractors may be outsourced for conducting the installations of high level of complexity (works at heights or installations conducted in the regions outside of Moscow and others).

“CUSTOM FURNITURE” – made-to-order furniture production line for individuals

“CUSTOM FURNITURE” line has two crews of cabinet makers and assemblers, specializing on personal requests and orders. Kitchens, sliding doors closets, wardrobes, living rooms, entrance halls, nurseries and children’s playrooms can be manufactured according to specific needs and designs specified for furniture made by individual requests and orders.