Three-dimensional logos, letters, and POS elements

When creating the elements which are far too complex for using flat sheet materials, 3D printing comes to rescue. Body of a letter or logo can be initially printed from plastic of needed color. There is a wide variety of possible intermixtures of several materials, for instance blend of semi-transparent and solid-colored materials can provide an interesting result if inside illumination used. Even more elaborate design fixtures of very special and specific construction or geometry can be manufactured with the aid of 3D printing.

Customized fashion dolls and life-sized figures

3D printing allows production of customized dolls and life-sized figures in very small, from one piece and up, quantities. Due to advanced postproduction technologies the final product can have either glossy or matte surface as well as any type of finish, even metallic.
Scaled fashion dolls and life-sized figures can be produced by simultaneous print of several segments and joining them afterwards with the means of cold pressure welding.

Prototyping and master modeling

Working model production is a multi-element procedure when process of product sample creation takes place. The sample is used for evaluating its qualities and functionality, as well as for presenting it to a target audience before the actual mass production. 3D printing technologies allow to cut down the cost and save time consumed for conducting such tasks as prototype production, and production of complex molding forms for casting plastics, as well as vacuum forming matrix’ and full-form molds production.

Art objects and art installations

Large scale 3D printing of art objects and other art installations is very affordable today. Endurance of these objects is much higher than similar items made from plaster, and at the same time they weigh lot less. After post processing these objects have perfect external appearance. Simultaneous printing of several segments of one object performed on different printers and future joining the printed parts is available. Post processing afterwards allows to cover up the technological joining areas. The aid of such technology allows creating replicas of well-known works of art and employing of any ambitious and artistic conception.

Operational spare parts

3D printing is widely used in cases when it is necessary to produce spare replaceable parts for different machinery, as well as for making unconventional accessories and different out of stock components.  It is very critical especially when delivery or access to mass production of such items is close to impossible.  Therefore, it allows to cut the costs and save time. Having a model in digital format prevents from overpaying the official dealer and then waiting for this part to be delivered or from worrying about this part being taken out of production.
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