Decorative lighting

Surface mounted lighting

Surface mounted lighting fixtures are installed directly to walls or ceilings of a room. No necessary surface treatment or any engineering alterations required before the installation. Easy installation process and minimum time spent make this type of lighting highly popular.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting is a lighting fixture with the source of light positioned apart from the ceiling, usually suspended on chain, cable or steel wire rope. Such fixtures usually look good installed in the rooms with high or regular height ceilings. In case if ceiling is not high enough the adjustment features will help fixing the required suspender length.

Modular lighting fixtures

Modular lighting fixtures have linear and angular elements for assembling the continuous structures of different geometrical shapes for illuminating a smooth light beam. Modular lighting systems are somewhat like a Meccano set which allows building any configuration for any room layout. They are on demand for commercial and administrative areas due to their cost efficiency.

Linear lighting fixtures

Linear lighting fixtures have oblong shaped body with square, circular, or angular cross-section. These fixtures can be connected to make long lines for future installation along the room perimeter according to the floor plan. Such structures can be installed directly on the ceiling or the wall as well as with the use of wire suspenders.
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