Design and planning

Brand book and guidelines development

Brand book is a detailed description of brand corporate identity attributes, including corporate style and look textbook, along with all the requirements and specifications for each design element used with corporate and advertising media types. Guideline is brand book section composed of sets of certain rules for used colors, logos, slogans, trademark, fonts, and other corporate style visual components. Such textbook is essential for creating an advertisement media including outdoor advertisement, merchandising, corporate website, and other components of corporate identity.

Commercial areas dressing and styling

Commercial areas styling and dressing is indented to provide convenience and aesthetically pleasant interaction between buyers and created environment. Such styling and dressing combine artistic and industrial design aimed at interior design development as well as development of retail equipment. Designer’s main objectives:
•    proper shop zone planning;
•    refining ergonomics for the equipment arrangement;
•    design and arrangement of navigation guidance for controlling the store traffic;
•    allocation of special rooms and areas, such as fitting rooms, cash register zones, show rooms etc.

Entrance elements design

Entrance group of elements is an integrated composition of decorative elements and engineering systems, developed in accordance with building façade together with design concept which reflects corporate identity. Entrance group addressed to simultaneously solving two objectives, aesthetical and functional, providing a convenient entry way and clear brand identity. Development of such groups involves a broad range of different solutions at many levels, architectural and creative, and therefore it forms a specific appearance of a store unit, office branch or office. The entrance group is often referred to as a business card.

Outdoor advertisement design

Outdoor advertisement is one of the main advertising media displayed outdoors and provides graphic, text and any other information of advertising nature, installed onto designated temporary or permanent structures in the open space as well as onto building facades and hardscaping objects. In many cases design of advertising signs, entrance groups, and shop displays should be performed at once, which allows to make a treated object more distinguished and attractive to protentional customers. With this approach design is kept within the same style and color, which makes a favorable brand impression and positively influences the public opinion.

Retail equipment design

Properly and beforehand developed and executed design of retail equipment, with ergonomics and corporate style in mind, providing proper merchandise display, draws customers attention, which leads to pleasant visitor experience, which leads to sales and profit increases. The specifics of such design development lie in proper shopping floor spacing with built-in equipment in mind, and in proper use of accessories and components for merchandise display in accordance with certain requirements. The range of goods in stock along with built-in equipment used to store the items and to serve the customers, seriously affect the structural and functional components of store retail equipment.  

Design of reception stands and cash operating units

Reception zone and cash operating unit area are very important for every commercial interior design, especially when it comes to retail space. Reception or information stand should be well balanced with current interior and reflect corporate identity, that’s why company’s logo or other corporate style elements are placed on the front wall or panel. Cash operating units meant to control the store traffic and the customers’ flow in such a manner that provides convenient shopping experience. Complexity of designing such unit is in its multitasking. It must include storage facilities for wrapping, accessories, and samples, as well as areas for built-in equipment, cash registers and office appliances.

Design and engineering documentation

Before beginning actual product production and/or installation it is required to go aver all the engineering details; for that reason, engineering designers must lead and accomplish their engineering works. The result of such work usually is a set of graphic and text documents, which define the materials and components, the actual article design, and all necessary characteristics needed for production and operation of a designed product. These documents include schematics (blueprints isometric projections, iconography), aerial photography, design description (explosion drawing), tech specs (weight, power consumption etc.). Various calculations can be performed if needed, such as wind and snow load, mounting frame and block-outs strength, flexural and twisting resistance of main components, etc.
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