Custom furniture

Reception stands

Reception usually is a check-in counter found in any hotel. English word “reception” clearly reflects the purpose of such furniture piece. Nowadays almost in any office or business center there is a reception manager behind the reception counter, greeting guests and visitors. That is where the initial interaction takes place. It is the reason why this furniture piece must simultaneously reflect corporate identity and to be comfortable in use, it makes first impression and separates the waiting area from the working space.

Banks and branch offices

Furniture for banks and their branches has its own features and qualities, such as creating proper office space zones, convenient placement of built-in and stand-alone equipment required for providing services to the visitors; providing necessary shelving space, offering cabinet drawers critically needed for storing office supplies, accessories, and such. This furniture must strictly correspond to company’s corporate identity in design and color palette as well.

Bars, cafes, and restaurants

Furniture made for restaurants has its own requirements, compliance to which provides steady visitors traffic plus average check level. Visitors, before anything else pay their attention to the interior which must reflect the style and the concept of establishment and must match the contemporary design trends. Furniture, especially, sets the necessary mood and creates cosines, furniture overall is exposed to significant external impacts due to an extensive visitors’ traffic and harsh environment. Therefore, paying attention to materials used, quality, and other features is essential.


Showroom is a particular zone in a shop or a store, designated for product demonstration, clothing in most cases, and active interaction with customers. It can either be closed or open space, it can be a special room in commercial area where cozy environment is created, allowing a visitor to have a cup of coffee, to change, try different accessories and at the same time to be in contact with the salesperson, who can tell the customer interesting facts from brand history or inform about specific advantages of a certain item. This format is better suited for premium brands which representatives can afford spending extra time with clients.
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