Outdoor advertisement

Rooftop structures and installations

Rooftop installations are large scale advertisement or informational structures mounted on the rooftops of buildings and constructions, for instance logo or three-dimensional illuminated letters. This type of advertisement attracts attention and emphasizes the company’s high rank due to its great visibility from different viewing points and vast distance.

Entrance groups and overhangs treatment

Entrance group usually is a combination of structures, which creates an integrated, balanced, and finished entrance ensemble of a building or establishment. This is a whole complex of exterior advertising elements and features, including design solutions and informational display, which in whole emphasizes the entrance itself and brings the brand’s trademark up.

Facade wall panels outer lining

Facade wall panels for exterior finishing is a very functional material used for decorative purposes to treat entrance groups but also has some practical qualities, such as heat sealing and protection from physical damage.

Three dimensional illuminated letters

Three dimensional illuminated letters are single elements with internal illumination, set on metal frame or mounted to a composite material base. Illuminated letter is a complex shaped box equipped with either internal or back light run over the perimeter of each single letter. Such kind of external advertisement is on high demand due to its ability to deliver different messages to target audience even during nighttime.

Light boxes

Light box is three-dimensional structure with the face surface made from transparent material but with side and back surfaces made from metal or PVC plastic. It is the most popular kind of advertisement unit due to its low production costs and possibility to replace front panel constantly, which allows to display different advertising information.

Light boxes from composite materials

Composite lightbox – advertisement structure made form special aluminum and composite material multilayered panels 3-4 mm thick. Unlike the simple lightboxes these boxes are heavy duty and less sensitive to weather impact and corrosion. To illuminate the advertising item or logo illuminating fixtures embedded into the body of a box.

Banners, street banners and unlit display cards

Banner fabric is a vinyl canvas armed with polyester thread and finished with solvent treatment.  Such media widely used for manufacturing various outdoor advertisement, such as street banners, advertisement boards internal and external illuminated signs. That is the most cost-efficient type of outdoor advertisement with the life span up to 3 years.

Pylons and monument signs

Monument sign is a structure meant for displaying advertising and interior navigation information, equipped with static or dynamic illuminated elements. Usually installed on stand-alone base or foundation and well observed from vast distance.  Pylon is a form of advertising column. Structurally it is a box with the surface used for information placement. It can not only be installed outdoors but as well as inside of commercial area.
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