POSM/ POS elements

Popup stands

Popup stand is a detached and freestanding commercial structure usually installed in open areas of shopping malls, meant for presenting a brand or for conducting commercial activities with possibility to be securely locked during non-operating hours. Such type of structure is quite efficient for conducting commercial retail business since this fixture can be installed in the busiest areas and does not require any additional enclosed quarters. Such stands can be installed temporarily for conducting clear-out sales, special offers, and new product testing.

Visual Merchandising Displays

Visual merchandising usually employed for presenting goods and services to emphasize their advantages and features. The objective of such merchandising is attracting, motivating, and involving the target audience to make a purchase. Interior demonstration displays of several different formats can be employed for presenting advertising images or product closeups. Visual merchandising emphasizes brand identity and reflects its trademark, focusing on interested audience by using different types of advertisement media.

Shop-in-shop areas

Shop-in-shop area is a designated space styled according to brand identity guidelines within shop or salesroom, exhibition hall or any other facility. Shop-in-shop areas are very efficient tool for attracting attention and increasing loyalty of protentional buyers. Several types of media can be implemented for styling of such areas, for instance, posters, illuminated logos, build in video monitors, stands, and compartments for advertising materials placement. Shop-in-shop areas can be of any size, from a little patch up to a huge and expansive space.

Display and POS styling.

Shop displays are not only front images of a particular store but also an advertising tool. Their distinctive look calls for potential buyers’ desire to walk in and take a closer look at specific product and eventually make a purchase. Displays, counters, and other POS decorative styling is implemented with this in mind, the style can be changed according to season, presented brand, or conducted special offers. Wide range of materials can be used in styling, such as plastic, resin glass, different kinds of finishing and lighting, to create one of a kind distinctive look for a brand or any of its products.

Promotional stands and counters

Promotional stand is an advertisement structure usually consists of two main elements, a foundation with the countertop and external frieze. This is one of the most convenient promotional tools for interacting with the audience. It is widely used for presentations, direct sales, sampling, providing customer support, as well as for various indoor and outdoor events. Promotional stands allow to conduct visual promotion of goods and services quality immediately increasing potential buyers’ involvement.


Lightbox is an advertising media made as three-dimensional enclosed body with transparent front panel. Front panel can be replaced and decorated either with full colored image of a product or with promotional offer information. Light boxes can be installed on stand alone pylons or poles, as well as on the walls, can be built-in into the commercial fixtures. Light boxes can be implemented as a component in display design to attract visitors.
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