State approval obtaining for outdoor advertisement
State approval obtaining for outdoor advertisement
Registration of permits for outdoor advertising and information objects

ReSeM performs professional aid with applying and obtaining of regulatory clearances and governmental approvals and permissions for outdoor advertisement structures installation and operating withing the limits of Moscow and Moscow region, as well as other cities of the Russian Federation.

Our list of cervices includes:

  • Consulting on the matters of advertisement structures installation and obtaining the governmental clearance;
  • Inventory of documents required for applying and obtaining of governmental clearance or approval;
  • Engineering design development of structures suited to governmental regulations;
  • Drafting of supply documentation for projected structures;
  • Technical and engineering inspection of projected sites for future structures installation;
  • Drafting of structure engineering design documentation;
  • Obtaining of official expert panel approvals for technical documentation compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, Building Codes and Regulations, Electrical Installation Code, Unified System for Engineering Drawings standards, and other regulatory acts;
  • Client legal representation in respect of all matters related to official registration and operation of advertisement and informational structures.
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