Retail equipment and fixtures

Stand-alone merchandising equipment, retail merchandising units

Retail merchandising units are to be installed at the large commercial areas, such as hallways of big shopping centers, exhibition halls and exposition halls, and other areas with the good turnout. The advantages of this type of commercial equipment can be several, for instance a very small footprint is well combined with ability to display a wide range of goods with well viewed display-windows running along the perimeter of the stand-alone unit itself. With the option to choose the unit location it’s possible to install it in the areas with the most traffic and to promote the brand and increase sales.

Cash register counters

Cash register counter is an integral part of the merchandising equipment, it is a cashier’s working place as well as clients’ service area.  Such counter should attract the attention with its appearance for costumers to quickly navigate the store and to see where the service area is.  Also, it should comply with the ergonomics requirements along with the characteristics of stand-alone and built-in equipment. Quite often cash register counters are being used to display accessories, promotional product testers, and advertisement materials.

Gondola shelving displays, display counters

Gondola display is a multifunctional display rack system for retail space, which meant for displaying of various types of goods. It’s equipped with holders, detachable shelves, spacewalls, and lodgments (supporting stands) for positioning of any kind of articles or promotional testers. Such structures serve not only practical but also aesthetical purposes. They can be additionally provided with lightboxes with brand logos and info about displayed goods. For situations with beauty products, the structure itself can be completed with tester-bar and mirror for applying the products.

Counters and display stands

Counter stand is the most highly demanded type of retail equipment, which is usually placed along the walls of a store or shop and provides a walkway for store clerks for assisting the customers. The front part of the counter stand is usually made from glass giving the stand a display functionality. There are the goods and packaging holders from the back. For displaying of several goods displaying stands can be used, they provide an access to small items and items on sale.

Displays and racks

Two types of retail equipment can be called a display, one of them is a glass covered exterior side of a store building meant to attract potential customers, which gives a view from the street into the store and the goods exposed. The second type is a cabinet fully or partially covered with glass meant for displaying the items to a potential buyer. A rack as opposed to a display, never has glass panes, and completed with open shelves for an easy access to displayed articles.

Promo stands and presentation tables

Presentation tables are used for laying out articles usually related to one category or a brand. Such tables may have special raised structures for placing accompanying advertising materials or for holding single items. With the use of that equipment, it is easy to promote the articles on sale by simply decorating it according to a particular sales promotion. Such tables allow the vendor to bring customers’ attention to certain goods, for instance seasonal or new releases.

Display platform

Display platform is a special structure which creates a raised area above the floor at a certain place of commercial area. Such platforms widely used in small shops or fashion boutiques, as well as in large shopping malls, for displaying of certain articles, testers, and advertisement materials. It allows venders to demonstrate their items from a better angle and at the busiest places. Display platform may serve as a zone for presenting a certain brand, for reflecting brand trademark, and for delivering an advertisement message for the target audience.


“Shopfitting” implies to a full range of works including construction and installation works, as well as treatment of entrance groups, interior, manufacturing and installation of advertisement structures and retail equipment. The advantage of this process is involving a single contractor, starting with the layout design all the way to the shop or store opening. With such approach all the little details of layout design and convenient equipment positioning for staff as well as for customers, are to be discussed during the planning process.
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